Stargate - Healing mandala card

This mandala opens the highest spiritual gates. You can glimpse into the Akasha. You will see the whole world through the eyes of God. Gates which radiate the highest level of love will open up. You will see your invisible helpers and understand and feel that everything is One.
You will get a glimpse into the world of secrets. Your previous life will change and your uneven mood will balance out as your fears dissolve in love and unity. The light is shining and freeing you from the bondage of polar forces.
The mandala initiates you into the highest frequency.
Absorb the love and high frequency radiating from the mandala. This mandala is brightening/illuminating your consciousness and the stargate connects you with your divine self. This how you can fill yourself with light and fill everything and everyone else as well so that you can be initiated at a higher spiritual level through the light transmitted by you.


Focus on the heart chakra and say “IH” three times. Imagine that light is flowing out through the gate of the heart chakra with great force and is filling everything and everyone.


I am happy to transmit the light. I help my fellow men with an open heart and divine thoughts so that they can connect with the light of unity as well.


I am only going upwards; I have no business anymore in lower realms. I bless the state of grace.

Message of the card:

Tolerance, patience in all areas of your life. These are the last trials, but stay calm. Be conscious of how you can calm yourself in the quickest possible way. Be aware of what it is like when the other side repeats the lesson. All this is happening for you and because of us.
Draw your centre point and be strict when that is required.
Teach the people in your life to progress upwards.
Teach them patiently so that you can lead them into the brighter world which opened up before you, and so that they can also be initiated through you and accept the state of grace. This is the process of reunification with Christ. Do not let your ego affect you, learn to subordinate it to the spirit, teach your ego that it does not have to disappear completely, but it must serve the light.
I congratulate you, the stargate has entrained you. Enjoy the game and love all players who are now taking part in the process of ascension. You get all material wealth.
Your teaching is supported by the celestials.