Strength - Healing Mandala card

This mandala is filled with primal strength. It is ritual divine strength, which transmits healing love to mankind.
Now you are facing a task, which inspires you to use this strength to overcome your current difficulties. The more difficult your task, the more emotional, physical and spiritual strength you possess to help you accomplish your task and the more you recognize these in yourself. The mandala’s energy gives you the strength to take the next steps, to free yourself from the wounds of the past, no matter how painful they seem to be and despite the fact that they want to keep their influence on you. The mandala helps you to let go of your grievances.


OOR >>> (roll the R)
Focus on your pelvis and your legs and utter three times the sound “OOR”. Feel it flow through you, feel how it is healing you and freeing you from your past.


I am happy, because God’s light is healing my heart and the heart of others.


Whereever I am I channel the energy of the Creator, I heal with my touch, I give joy with my words and I transmit blessing to all living beings with my presence.

Message of the card:

Your life purpose is very challenging.
It is testing your strength. But you have the strength to solve it - emotional, spiritual, and physical strength.
You have to help or nurse someone, or maybe you have to heal your own soul and fill it with strength and light, so that fear can leave without resistance.
Be vigilant not to despair or get depressed. Keep in mind that everything ends at some point in time and the most important thing is what you learnt from a situation. Rejoice that you have this strength, which comes from God.