Christ Consciousness

In 2010 I painted the light gate which tunes you to Christ Consciousness, and with its help and presence I initiate the body of light being between the Alpha and Omega points.
Hereby the New field of consciousness is also tuned.
During the courses we are reconnected to and become reunited with our real selves, and we can spend our lives in the light of this.
Besides initiation I teach healing techniques and help receive the invocations gotten from our higher spiritual associates.
This course/initiation is unique, just like the activator, the Jesus mandala.
The course consists of two parts generally, with a 21-day minimum interval between them.
In the second part Celestials activate the full operation of internal and external chakras, and according to the New Christ Consciousness, they build in the levels of light into the external chakras. Diamond-wheel helps to anchor our body of light to Earth and to admit the fine energies suiting the body.

Price of the course per day: HUF 20, 000