School for Women

A 3-days awakening course.
On the first day we awaken our ability to forgive the external powers which harmed the little girl inside us, and we withdraw our energies that got stuck then in our childhood, for our aim is to create a balance representing the whole, dominant woman.

The second day is aimed at the woman, the lover, the social being. Voluptuousness, sexuality, getting lost in communication, perversion, exemption from under service, and retuning, dissolving your deficient and distorted part that criticizes. Acceptance in entirety. Presenting the Mother and her instincts, and restoring her harmony.

The 3rd day is about the evocation of the Woman who became wise by experience. Presentation of love that accepts the divine quality of entirety. Dissolving anxiety, jealousy, forms of love that own and protect.
During all these 3 occasions, we work on the time level, and both in the personal and collective Akasha.

Price of this 3-day course: HUF 30,000